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Grey Wings VestGrey Wings Vest
  • Story

    What is important?
    What really matters?
    The surrounding world?
    Are we just pieces of it?Our world... amazing creatures, capricious rivers, wonderful plant kingdom and forests with its astonishing patterns.Nature in all its glory.We were given a great skill of creating.To take pieces from nature and collect them again to one and inimitable. and then we feel that we are alive. day after day we do we make decisions spend time, get bored, dance, wait, observe.we look for something fresh, to fulfill our perception with life.increase every day nature’s touch, it’s warmth and protection and get strength, joy and inspiration.since everything in nature is fascinating.

  • Process

    All elements of our products have their own path
    of preparation before being collected into the
    new body. The main material is sheep wool.
    We shear sheep, wash hair in a mountain stream,
    dye it (if necessary), brush and make a thread
    with a shiver.
    And then an art process of weaving on a loom of
    18th century begins.
    After we will be drenching finished weaving in a
    river for the whole day. The final look of it de-
    pends on water temperature on that day, speed of
    stream and air temperature when drying.

    All that makes your Shkoura unique and inimita-
    ble. Each coat has a date of birth in its pass-

    Please, don’t be afraid if you find some elements
    of nature (small leaves, twigs, herbs) on your
    Shkoura. This is the way how the mountains send
    love to you.

  • Care

    This coat will
    appreciate if you care
    for it.
    You can show your love in 3 ways:

    —cold hand wash;

    —use of a mild detergent;
    —dry vertically.