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SHKOURA is a young Ukrainian brand that produces clothes following trends, fashion and time. The brand’s mission is conscious production and promotion of deliberative rational consumption. All products are made without use of electricity and other resources that can drain the planet.

Threads are spun via manual spindle, manufactures are woven on 18th century sample of a loom, dipped into a mountain river and dried in the open. The final appearance, size and weight of the product depends on temperature of the water in the river, speed of the stream and air temperature. All products are hand-sewn.

Creative, manual and natural processes give rise to a unique product, unlike the previous ones and the next. It is a kind of thing you want to keep safe and after give by inheritance.

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Please, don’t be afraid if you find some elements of nature (small leaves, twigs, herbs) on your Shkoura. This is the way how the mountains send love to you.